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Tuesday Watchlist, ANGI
Buyout, and 50% Off Long-Term

First thing’s first, I closed out my position in NUGT yesterday. Really just wasn’t happy with it. Missed an opportunity to cash in for a small win, ended up riding it back down, giving it a little bit of room around my stop level, and then ended up cutting it loose….

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Big Profits Yesterday &
BiotechBreakouts $49 Sale ENDS TONIGHT!

Fair warning. Today is the LAST CALL on Kyle Dennis’ BiotechBreakouts.com sale! This is the absolute lowest price you’ll ever get to try out his entire service for the next month, and it will only cost you $49. Kyle is simply amazing. The guy has become…

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Friday Watch List and FREE CHAT!

Happy Friday! Congrats to Taylor Conway again! His pick on FAS last week hit his $45 target yesterday. That’s a really sweet move from the bottom for those of you that got in on it. This was a nice follow-up to his big-profit UGAZ play a few weeks ago. Let’s see…

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Here at funnel builders HQ

We put an emphasis and a focus on being the industry leader in creating funnels that have generated hundreds and thousands of leads and millions in revenue for businesses just like yours.

Our founders have developed multiple 7 figure businesses utilizing the marketing strategies that we have created. We have taken those skills that we’ve honed to work with other companies to build their businesses and helping us become the top business building strategy company on the market today.

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$5,500 in the NUGT trade*

“My best day .. $5500 in the NUGT trade. Also did $2200 on a trade in NOV (bought yesterday – sold today). ABX trade also worked at 17.3 and sold 1500 at 18.3. But NUGT was amazing. Brilliant call! Membership paid for (I joined the other service with Rob and yourself as well yesterday)!”*

– J.C

$6,695 on the first three trades*

“First three trades: UVXY held and made $735, LABD made $5300, DUST made $660. Not bad for first three trades – thanks….easy to follow and I like not being bombarded with constant e-mails. This allows me to focus on my day job and hopefully retire early (if it continues like this):)”*

– J.M*

100% in 5 minutes*

“WOW Rob I did grab the dip on VXX yesterday. Bought 39.50 call for .60 and sold this am first 5 minutes for 100%. Trigger finger is working. Ha Ha 3:45 pm open and 9:35 close. So COOL”*

– J.E

My portfolio up by 15%*

“I started receiving your newsletter mid August. My goal was to add 15% to my portfolio by December. I reached my goal today just 5 weeks after! I am very excited to continue trading with you! Your insight is superb! It is the exact way I expect trading to be.”*

– E.B

Welcome to Funnel Builders

Robert Roy knows firsthand the importance of a changed mindset. Rob had to alter his own thought process before he was able to become successful through trading in the stock market. Now Rob emphasizes to his students how following a proven, time tested system is critical to their success.

Robs life changed in 1997 when one of his colleagues in the manufacturing company he worked for told him about a stock market class he had taken. Rob was looking for opportunities to make extra money so he was very interested. He took the workshop and became excited about using the stock market to change his life even though his friends and family were instruments of discouragement.

In 1999 Rob was asked to become a Trading Coach for one of the largest stock market education companies in the US. As he set out on the newest chapter of his life he created a systematic approach to train traders with no experience to those who were already trading the market. His approach (called Strategy Creation System “SCS”) focuses on 4 key elements of trading, 4 simple words: Identify, Enter, Manage and Exit, individually they each sound easy to do, collectively they are one of the toughest things there is for a trader to overcome. Rob has successfully trained over 15,000 traders on location and over 50,000 online on his system.

Look at a few of Rob`s recent trades

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Our Team

Our team consists of marketing specialists in all facets of the industry.

Business development team – our business development team’s main focus is to work with our clients too find the right angle in the right message to help them to increase sales as well as leads.

Web design – our skilled team of web designers focuses on responsive websites across multiple platforms with the highest speed available. Our designers stay on the cutting edge of the design market and pass those design techniques onto our customers to build the best sites available.

Web development – we code in WordPress HTML C++ and all other key languages required in development . We were able to develop custom plugins and customized tools to fit any businesses needs.

Graphics design – our graphics team has over 100 years of experience creating graphics for every industry on the web today. We use a facet of design tools to create the perfect look for your web page.


Marketing service

We are business consultants. We do whatever it takes to help our clients succeed . We do so through a proprietary formula that we have created where we work with our clients to discover what they’re looking for and build out a sales funnel as simple as one page with a few emails to an extensive funnel that has two years of email sequences behind it with multiple sub funnels below it . Whatever it takes We will do.

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there are many tools out there that can be used we have put together a list of some of the top tools that every marketing team needs.

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Tools of the trade

Funnel Builder HQ help businesses generate sales by developing high converting funnels and paid advertising


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